Painter Marjorie Salvagni borned in Taquaritinga (SP), Brazil.
She has a strong tendence for arts since childhood and has several experiences on arts, classical dance, modern dance, theater and music. She has curious nature as well as creative and constructive mind and she also uses several artistic languages for expressing herself and for knowing herself as well as the world around.
Her work has a very specific graphic language of mystic and sensorial essence. There are very evident intuition and sensibility.
At the year 2000 painting becames the center for hers artistic activities and in the next years
she have made several shows, exhibitions and also worked in art therapy area.
At 2007 she moved to São Paulo city where she participated in Art Salons, in Collective Exhibitions in Art Galleries, Cultural Centers and others.
She also participated in International Exhibitions in United States (New York), France (Paris), Portugal (Lisbon) and Israel (Jerusalem).
In 2012 she moved to paris where she studied art therapy.
At the present time she lives in Lisbon where she dedicates her time to painting and art- therapy projects.
(José Roberto Moreira – Galerista e Curador)

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